Carpenter Training Program Roster:
Pre-Approved Trainers and Courses

Trainers and training organizations are invited to submit qualifications, courses, and trainers for review by the CTP. After reviewing qualifications and references, we will designate approved trainers and post their contact information and course(s)/area(s) of expertise on the CTP Roster.

Learning objectives identify what participants should know or be able to do as a result of being trained. A firm can understand the core content of a course based on the learning objectives, and participants can evaluate the performance of the trainer based on whether learning objectives have been achieved.


The list of NWCCA-approved trainers and training programs is a good place to start to find quality training. As the program develops, we will have performance data available, which we will make available to all member firms via our website.


The core learning objectives of this program have been developed by a CTP committee and endorsed by the Board as necessary for NWCCA member firms’ carpentry professionals.


Welcome Jason Jones, Our New CTP Manager!

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